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SubjectRe: /dev/random probs in 2.4test(12-pre3)

> > I know. Still leaves lot's of people that assume that reading /dev/random
> > will return data, or will block.
> >
> > I've seen lots of programs that will assume that if we request x bytes
> > from /dev/random it will return x bytes.
> I find this really humorous honestly. I see a lot of people assuming that if
> you write N bytes or read N bytes that you will have done N bytes. There are
> return values for these functions that tell you clearly how many bytes were
> done.

Of course. Lesson one : check return values

> Any programmer who has evolved sufficiently from a scriptie should take
> necessary precautions to check how much data was transferred. Those who
> don't..well, there is still tomorrow.
> There is no reason to add any additional documentation. If we did, we'd be
> starting the trend of documenting the direction a mouse moves when it's
> pushed and not to be alarmed if you turn the mouse sideways and the result is
> 90 degrees off.

random devices are different. If it request 10 bytes on random stuff, I
want 10 bytes. Anything less is a waste of the read, because I need 10

At least, in my opinion.

Anyone has an insight how other *NIX'es handle this ?

> -d


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