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SubjectRe: linux 2.2.19pre and thttpd (VM-global problem?)
On Fri, Dec 29, 2000 at 07:13:28PM +0100, Jakob Østergaard wrote:
> > > It can't scale in SMP.
> >
> > No one said it does, but it works nicely on UP.
> What ?

Maybe you got me wrong (my english isnt that good): I said that it does
not scale on SMP, but it works just fine on UP.

> The TCP stack is threaded, so things like checksum calculation will
> take advantage of multiple processors - right ?

Wrong. "Threaded" TCP/IP stack -> fine grained locking, not "multiple

> Thes rest of the work is roughly copying data that isn't already
> cached from the disk into memory. Well, you have one disk so threads
> will buy you zero there.
> Unless you do blocking I/O on the files or on the sockets, I fail to
> see how threads could possibly boost the performance on a web server
> that serves *static*only* pages.

They do boost performance on SMP (because you can have N (N=nr. of CPUs)
threads serving data).

> (The reason I'm curious is because I'm about a month away from implementing
> something that would run high-bandwidth TCP transfers and I'm planning
> on keeping it single-threaded - unless someone can tell me that's a bad
> idea)

Keep it single threaded if you run on UP only...

Petru Paler, - ICQ: 41817235
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