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SubjectRe: Repeatable 2.4.0-test13-pre4 nfsd Oops rears it head again
In article <20001228212116.A968@lingas.basement.bogus>,
Mike Elmore <> wrote:
>I really need to get rid of this 8139 card. Since
>yall are the oracle, which nice 100mbs card is fine
>hardware and is coupled with a well debugged driver?

There are always problems with some hardware, but my personal
recommendation for a card would definitely be the Intel Ethernet Pro 100
series (82557).

Unlike the tulip cards (which are pretty good too), there aren't a
million different versions of it. There's a few, but it's not a big
mess. It performs well, and is stable. It's pretty well documented
(apart from the magic extensions), and it's common.

That said, some people have trouble even with that card. Nobody knows
why, but at least the driver is actively maintained etc, so I still am
not nervous about recommending it.

I bet that others will have other recommendations, but so far I have at
least personally had good luck with the eepro100.

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