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SubjectRe: test13-pre6

On Fri, 29 Dec 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Al: this changes "mapping->host" to be truly defined as a pointer to the
> inode that owns the mapping. That's how every user actually _used_ the
> host pointer, so this cleans those up to not need any casts. The main
> reason, however, is that we needed to have some FS-level anchor for dirty
> pages in order to get the correct sync() semantics. If you think it's
> worth it to have a notion of an anonymous host we need to add something
> else.

Two examples: devices and bitmaps-in-pagecache trick. But both belong to
2.5, so...

BTW, nice timing ;-) -pre6 appeared 5 minutes after I've started testing
sane-s_lock patch (SMP-safe lock_super() and friends, refcount on superblocks,
death of mount_sem, beginning of SMP-safe super.c). Oh, well...

Oblock_super(): what the hell is wait_on_super() doing in fsync_file()?
It gives absolutely no warranties - ->write_super() can easily block, so
it looks very odd.

BTW, while we are dropping the junk from vm_operations_struct, could we lose
->protect() and ->wppage()? Both are never used and never defined. I can
send a diff, indeed, but
ed include/linux/mm.h <<EOF
should take care of them.
It's nice to be back...

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