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Subject2.2.19 hard hang from userspace while accessing /dev/mdXX devices

Hard hand in 2.2.19

If you open a non-existant md device (i.e. /dev/md11) from userspace
with an open() call, then send an ioctl() command, it results in the
following message then hard hangs the entire system if you attempt
to open any /dev/mdXX device with a minor number greater than 10.
Used to work on 2.2.17.

message is:

md map 11
bap map 11 ll_rw_block

offending code that causes the hard hang is:

register int fd, ccode;
struct hd_geometry geometry;

fd = open("/dev/md11", O_RDWR);
if (fd < 0)
return 1;

#ifdef HDIO_REQ
ccode = ioctl(fd, HDIO_REQ, &geometry);
ccode = ioctl(fd, HDIO_GETGEO, &geometry);
if ((ccode == -EINVAL) || (ccode == -ENODEV))
return 1;
return 0;


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