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SubjectRe: About Celeron processor memory barrier problem
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Dec 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > One thing we _could_ potentially do is to simplify the CPU selection a
> > > bit, and make it a two-stage process. Basically have a
> > >
> > > bool "Optimize for current CPU" CONFIG_CPU_CURRENT
> > >
> > > which most people who just want to get the best kernel would use. Less
> > > confusion that way.
> >
> > If we do that I'd rather see a make autoconfig that does the lot from
> > proc/pci etc 8)

I have already made such program.
I detect most of PCI devices, filesystem (if in /etc/fstab or
console, devices (char and blk dev), other deviced that use
[ and I detect also some net protocols !]

> Good point. No point in adding a new config option, we should just have a
> new configurator instead. Of course, it can't handle many of the
> questions, so it would still have to fall back on asking.

My idea is to add also a CONFIG_EXPERT CONFIG_NOVICE,...
In a CONFIG_NOVICE, we can add the (undetectable) software protocols
(PPP, ...
also if user don't use it! (and IMHO we can configure a NOVICE system
that would boot and work without any questions).

Problem: How include it in 2.4?
I designed it to use esr's CML2 (for 2.5) and backport as user program
a version of CML2 with the autoconfigure.
The other possible mode: autoconfigure write to .config and user will do
a make oldconfig. But there are to many question (my autoconfigure
say that a driver is need, but it doesn't say 'no'.

Problem 2: ESR now requires Python 2, which is not yet in Debian, and I
that this further requisite will delay the inclusion of CML2 in kernel


PS: my autoconfigure is in
It is updated to the 2.4.0-test12!

PPS: Comments are welcome!

> That _would_ be a nice addition eventually. It's a bigger project than the
> one I envisioned, though.
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