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SubjectAnother faulty motherboard
In ide-dma.c one reads:

* Some people have reported trouble with Intel Zappa motherboards.
* This can be fixed by upgrading the AMI BIOS to version 1.00.04.BS0,
* available from
* (thanks to Glen Morrell <> for researching this).

Which suggests, that a faulty BIOS can cause problems with IDE
Bus-Mastering, that are impossible to fix (at present at least) otherwise
but by upgrading the BIOS. Then, I think, you can add one more problematic
board to the list - Intel Aladdin (in other sources Morrison64) aka
Advanced/AL and no BIOS upgrade, fixing the problem available (at least I
was not able to find one, the latest tested being 1.00.04.CA0). In
particular the problem is - impossible to turn IDE DMA on. At least this
is my current understanding.

At least I was unable to turn IDE DMA on with the help of many of the
net-folk. However, some tests suggested (although not 100%) that Win* was
able to do this...


Dr. Guennadi V. Liakhovetski
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Sheffield, U.K.

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