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Subject2.2.19pre3 on sparc64: Hangs on boot, "no cont in shutdown!"??
Red Hat 6.2 + updates (plus local hacks, like binutils- on
sparc64 (Ultra 1).

When booting, it detects the floppy drive (I left a floppy in by mistake,
the floppy is OK, and the same boots fine with 2.2.18):

[snip snap]
Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M

after this, it just gives the "no cont in shutdown!" message after a few
seconds, and stays stuck AFAICS (not much patience, I'm afraid). This
message is inside drivers/block/floppy.c:floppy_shutdown(), a file that
hasn't changed from 2.2.18 to 2.2.19pre3.

BTW, the floppy here (and also on sparc32) normally gives:

$ mdir
init: set default params
Cannot initialize 'A:'

the first time around, the second time it works OK. A too short timeout in
mtools or in the kernel perhaps?
Dr. Horst H. von Brand
Departamento de Informatica Fono: +56 32 654431
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria +56 32 654239
Casilla 110-V, Valparaiso, Chile Fax: +56 32 797513
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