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SubjectRe: About Celeron processor memory barrier problem
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > If we do that I'd rather see a make autoconfig that does the lot from
> > proc/pci etc 8)
> Good point. No point in adding a new config option, we should just have a
> new configurator instead. Of course, it can't handle many of the
> questions, so it would still have to fall back on asking.
> That _would_ be a nice addition eventually. It's a bigger project than the
> one I envisioned, though.

The way I interpreted Alan is that

make autoconfig

would spit out the default config, modified for the current setup, as
far as possible. So "my PCI devices" would be configured into the
kernel automatically (the way Linus likes it ;-). Similarly the
"complicated" CPU selection would be "don't touch unless you really
know what you're doing: autoconfig analized your cpuinfo".

It would at least NOT INPACT anything in the current setup.


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