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SubjectRe: About Celeron processor memory barrier problem
* Linus Torvalds ( [001224 16:27]:
> One thing we _could_ potentially do is to simplify the CPU selection a
> bit, and make it a two-stage process. Basically have a
> bool "Optimize for current CPU" CONFIG_CPU_CURRENT
> which most people who just want to get the best kernel would use. Less
> confusion that way.

Good Lord, YES! And while we're at it, how about a:
"Build into kernel every module for hardware I have..."

That'd make a 'make config' one line....

(I'll go back to dreaming)


Excusing bad programming is a shooting offence, no matter _what_ the circumstances.
-- Linus Torvalds (linux-kernel mailing list)

The Doctor What: Not that 'who' guy KF6VNC
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