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SubjectRe: About Celeron processor memory barrier problem
On Sun, Dec 24, 2000 at 02:25:54PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Indeed. Some of the issues end up just becoming compiler flags, which
> means that anything that uses C is "tainted" by the processor choice. And
> happily there isn't all that much non-C in the kernel any more.
> One thing we _could_ potentially do is to simplify the CPU selection a
> bit, and make it a two-stage process. Basically have a
> bool "Optimize for current CPU" CONFIG_CPU_CURRENT
> which most people who just want to get the best kernel would use. Less
> confusion that way.
> Linus

Makes sense. Are you thinking along the lines of parsing /proc/cpuinfo to work
out what is there, or did you have something else in mind ?



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