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SubjectRe: recommended gcc compiler version
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> In article <>,
> Tim Wright <> wrote:
> >
> >So....
> >egcs-1.1.2 is good for either, 2.7.2 is OK for 2.2, bad for 2.4. 2.95.2 and
> >later are risky. RedHat just released a bugfixed "2.96" which is an unknown
> >quantity AFAIK. Anybody brave enough to try it should probably post their
> >results.
> Note that despite my public comments about it beign a bad idea to ship
> extremely untested compilers in a major release, I actually think that
> it would be wonderful to have people who are ready to face the
> consequences to try the new 2.96.
> It's not been all that widely tested, but if you kno a bit about what
> you're doing (or want to learn), gcc-2.96 _does_ potentially create
> better code, and if nobody is willing to test it, any potential bugs (be
> they in the kernel sources and triggered by a smarter compiler, or in
> the compiler itself) won't be found.
> So please do try it out, but please mention the fact if you end up
> having to report a bug (it won't make your bug-report be ignored, don't
> ever worry about something like that. But i would be good to have an
> older compiler handy to correlate the bug with the compiler for sure).
> In fact, I'd love to hear about experiences even with the CVS snapshots.
> I just don't like them showing up in distributions ;)
> Linus

I've been using 2.96 for the last couple of kernel compiles, and it's
been working fine (pasting warnings and all). This is the 2nd-to-latest
update from RH 7.0. The only issue I have is the very occasional Signal
11--but I had those with kgcc, as well, so I don't reckon those are

Right now, I have test12. This is on my desktop machine, doing normal
desktop stuff (finances, StarOffice, Netscape, Java development, etc).
Seems to be working well, and test12 runs *much* faster than previous
Matthew Vanecek
perl -e 'print
For 93 million miles, there is nothing between the sun and my shadow
except me.
I'm always getting in the way of something...
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