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SubjectTrouble when linking aic7xxx.c
I am having trouble when biulding the 2.2.18 Linux kernel (on a Redhat
7.0, gcc-2.96). At link-time, the linker complains that in the file
aic7xxx.o, in the function aic7xxx_load_seeprom, there is an "undefined
reference to 'memcpy'". In fact, doing 'nm aic7xxx.o' gives a 'U
memcpy', but, strangely enough, there is no explicit reference to memcpy
in the function! Commenting out the whole function will make the 'U
memcpy' symbol disappear from aic7xxx.o (but obviously would give a
broken kernel)

What could be the cause? I can send the configuration file made by 'make
menuconfig', if needed.
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