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SubjectRe: Fatal Oops on boot with 2.4.0testX and recent GCC snapshots
Hi Mike, hello linux-kernel audience,

> I had the same, with the last few snapshots I tried, but 20001218 seems
> to work ok.
> dmesg|head -1
> Linux version 2.4.0-test13ikd (root@el-kaboom) (gcc version gcc-2.97
> 20001218 (experimental)) #18 Sat Dec 23 17:43:29 CET 2000

Hmm, would have been nice, but it crashes here with 20001222, nevertheless.
For which CPU do you have your kernel configured? It might be a CPU specific
issue, I'll try to compile for Pentium I and 486, now, and report my results.

It would also be nice to know if this is a gcc issue or a kernel issue - if I
knew which precise file was responsible for the crash, I could compare the
assembly output for stable and snapshot GCC. My suspect is kernel/sched.c,
but this might be wrong, as the story begins on the launch of kupdate in

But now I have almost no clue what really goes wrong.

Geetings and a nice christmas to everybody!

->>>----------------------- Andreas Franck --------<<<-
---<<<---- --->>>---
->>>---- Keep smiling! ----------------------------<<<-
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