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    SubjectRe: Fw: max number of ide controllers?
    > Charles Wilkins writes:
    > > Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz says,
    > >
    > > >"Linux supports up to 10 IDE channels, however channel numbers of PCI
    > > controllers seem to be assigned first."
    > >
    > > Warren Young says,
    > > >"Kernel 2.2 is limited to 4 IDE controllers."
    > >
    > > ok, so which is it kernel guys, 4 or 10 IDE controllers for the 2.2.x
    > > kernel?
    > It depends if you have Andre's IDE patches applied to your kernel sources

    I have ide. applied. The kernel is 2.2.18.
    So what is the answer? 4 controllers max or 10 for my kernel?

    > or not.
    > > well, i know this SB32 card can operating on at least 3 different io
    ports .
    > > . .
    > It may be that there is some difficulty in the order the IDE cards are
    > initialized. From your previous dmesg output, it appears that ide3 and
    > (PCI cards) are initialized before ide2 (ISA card), so they may be
    > an ioport that the ISA card needs. Try booting with just the SB32 card
    > and checking /proc/ioports, and then with only the other card, and see
    > if anything in /proc/ioports (or /proc/interrupts) is conflicting.

    I have done this. There are no conflicts.
    SB32 uses 0x168-0x16f,0x36e,10 and nothing else does.

    What would be the correct kernel command to manually set up the SB32 as ide
    4 for the above resources?

    Kernel 2.4.0-test12 picks up the SB32 controller even with the promise
    controller is installed, but I would prefer to stay with the stable 2.2.x
    kernel if possible.


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