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Subjecttime function problems with 2.2.18 / hang
I have an error that occurs after upgrading from 2.2.18pre23 to 2.2.18 +
vm-global-7 patch.

Apart from enhanced stability in low-memory cases (hey, it doesn't
freeze ten times a day ;), I have the problem that once every few days,
preferably under high load, X behaves strangely (window manager shows no
reaction, mouse works OR mousecursor stops moving OR wm works, mouse works
but rxvt's stop working tc..)

When this happens I can still log-in via the network and run command, but
every copmmand that uses waits (select(0,0,0,xxx) or nanosleep) just hangs:

cerebro:~# strace -f sleep 1
nanosleep({1, 0},

Also, when I beep the terminal it starts beeping but never stops, so it
seems the timer system inside the kernel is somehow wrecked in this state.

Doing while :;do kill -CONT -1;done lets me do some things, like runing top
or kill and restart X (very slowly ;).

That is the strangest thing I ever saw in a release kernel ;)

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