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Casey Schaufler wrote:
> "Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> >
> > Anyone looked into this?
> It's an implementation of Domain Enforcement, ported
> from the flask project. It is a prototype.

These folks are good at what they do and the code is GPL.
It is worth starting to consider whether this code, or code
from one of the other security-enhancement projects, should
be included in the standard kernel for 2.6 or 3.0.

A more secure Linux would be great for a lot of people, but
we need to look at the trade-offs. Does the approach damage
usability? Are there better ways? ... ?

> Persons looking for backdoors, tricks, traps, snares,
> or ice are going to be disappointed.

That won't, and shouldn't, stop anyone having a good look.

> It's just code like everone else produces.

So people looking at it may find bugs and vulnerabilities the
implementers hadn't considered. Great.

> Much of the work was done
> by employees of the NSA. They should be applauded for
> the effort they put in just to be allowed to make this
> available.

<applause intensity=loud>
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