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SubjectRe: kapm-idled : is this a bug?

> >> Agree that it is different. But it confuses people to have two
> >> idle-tasks. I suggest that we throw it one big pile, unless having a
> >> separate apm idle task has a purpose.
> >
> > You can't do that.
> Sure you can, and it makes perfect sense.

No. You lost the way to distinguish between real "idle" spend, and
kapm-idle spend -- they are different, in kapm-idle cpu is slowed down.

> > Doing it this way is _way_ better for system
> > stability, because kidle-apmd sometimes dies due to APM
> > bug. kidle-apmd dying is recoverable error; swapper dieing is as fatal
> > as it can be.
> Good. Maybe the bugs will get fixed then. If the bugs are in
> the BIOS or motherboard hardware, we can have a blacklist.

Ha ha. It was that way. Linus saw it was bad so he fixed it. Bugs are
discovered/fixed anyway, because you get ugly oops. But ugly oops is
better than even uglier oops that does not go to syslog and that kills
you machine hard, you see?
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