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SubjectFw: max number of ide controllers?

> > Charles Wilkins wrote:
> >
> > Is there a max number of ide controllers that linux-2.2.18 can
> > support?

Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz says,

>"Linux supports up to 10 IDE channels, however channel numbers of PCI
controllers seem to be assigned first."

Warren Young says,
>"Kernel 2.2 is limited to 4 IDE controllers."

ok, so which is it kernel guys, 4 or 10 IDE controllers for the 2.2.x

> I know 2.4 supports a maximum of 10 controllers, but each controller has
> to use a different I/O port. The standard ones are 0x1F0 and 0x170.
> The mobo controllers you have probably are fixed to use the common I/O
> ports. If the Promise controller can be set to use uncommon port
> values, you'll be able to use 4 controllers.

you didn't read the other posts . . .

> The Creative card is probably a loss, because it's probably fixed at I/O
> port 0x170 (second channel).

well, i know this SB32 card can operating on at least 3 different io ports .
. .

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