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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.19pre3
> 2.2.19pre3
> o Optimise kernel compiler detect, kgcc before (Peter Samuelson)
> gcc272 also

I get an endless stream of this:

kgcc:gcc272:cc:gcc: not found
kgcc:gcc272:cc:gcc: not found
/bin/sh: -D__KERNEL__: command not found
/bin/sh: -D__KERNEL__: command not found
/bin/sh: -D__KERNEL__: command not found
/bin/sh: -D__KERNEL__: command not found

I think the Makefile optimisation needs to be (cut-n-paste):

--- Makefile~ Thu Dec 21 21:35:39 2000
+++ Makefile Thu Dec 21 21:35:54 2000
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
# gcc272 for Debian
# otherwise 'cc'
-CCFOUND :=$(shell $(CONFIG_SHELL) scripts/kwhich kgcc gcc272 cc gcc)
+CCFOUND :=$(shell $(CONFIG_SHELL) scripts/kwhich kgcc:gcc272:cc:gcc)
## Faster, but requires GNU make 3.78, which postdates Linux 2.2.0
CC =$(shell if [ -n "$(CROSS_COMPILE)" ]; then echo $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc; else echo $(CCFOUND); fi) \

(what's the old saying - the first rule of optimization is don't or
something like that... ;)
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