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SubjectRe: No more DoS
Not only is this a well written article, and clearer than most other 
documents (Even Mine :>) but he is dead on track with his basic concepts..
Exactly what I have been looking into over at our company. (Well, close

The concept of trusting a SYN packet, has to go.. we have to assume that it
is false/bad, and only after receiving the ACK in reply to our SYN/ACK can we
start assuming that the previous packets were good..

All IMHO.... Nice find and a good read for anyone..
I am CC'ing the netfilter list as they might like the read.. in case they
haven't read it. (Surprised I haven't seen more discussion on this topic)

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Mike OConnor wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to point who ever is in charge of the TCP stack for the linux
> kernel at a site which claims to have a method of eliminate denial of
> service (DoS) attacks
> With my limited unstanding of TCP and DoS attacks this would seem to be the
> answer, instead of a work around.

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