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Subject[PATCH] few fixes for ymf_sb.c in test13pre3-ac3
Hello, Alan!

Thank you for applying my patch to test13pre3-ac3!

However, there is a glaring bug in drivers/sound/ -
CONFIG_SOUND_YMFPCI is declared twice - once outside CONFIG_OSS, then
inside CONFIG_OSS. I'm removing the later declaration.

CONFIG_SOUND_YMPCI should be disabled if the native driver is compiled
into the kernel. I'm fixing it as well.

Also I tried ymf_sb.c without SUPPORT_UART401_MIDI defined (you have to
edit ymf_sb.c to undefine it). I noticed that the "soundcore" module
would remain in memory with usage count 1 after inserting and removing

It appears that ymf_sb.c should never call sb_dsp_unload with the second
argument being 1 (unload_mpu). It's a 1-byte fix. I decided not to change
the signature of ymf7xxsb_unload_sb for now.

The patch is also available here:

P.S. The patch has been tested. My system is running test13pre3-ac3 and
playing nice music :-)

Pavel Roskin

--- linux.orig/drivers/sound/
+++ linux/drivers/sound/
@@ -145,9 +145,8 @@
dep_tristate ' Yamaha FM synthesizer (YM3812/OPL-3) support' CONFIG_SOUND_YM3812 $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS
dep_tristate ' Yamaha OPL3-SA1 audio controller' CONFIG_SOUND_OPL3SA1 $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS
dep_tristate ' Yamaha OPL3-SA2, SA3, and SAx based PnP cards' CONFIG_SOUND_OPL3SA2 $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS
- dep_tristate ' Yamaha YMF7xx PCI audio (legacy mode)' CONFIG_SOUND_YMPCI $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS $CONFIG_PCI
- if [ "$CONFIG_SOUND_YMPCI" = "n" ]; then
+ if [ "$CONFIG_SOUND_YMFPCI" != "y" ]; then
+ dep_tristate ' Yamaha YMF7xx PCI audio (legacy mode)' CONFIG_SOUND_YMPCI $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS $CONFIG_PCI
dep_tristate ' 6850 UART support' CONFIG_SOUND_UART6850 $CONFIG_SOUND_OSS

--- linux.orig/drivers/sound/ymf_sb.c
+++ linux/drivers/sound/ymf_sb.c
@@ -836,7 +836,7 @@
ymf7xxsb_unload_sb (&sb_data[i], 0);
ymf7xxsb_unload_midi (&mpu_data[i]);
- ymf7xxsb_unload_sb (&sb_data[i], 1);
+ ymf7xxsb_unload_sb (&sb_data[i], 0);


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