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SubjectRe: Purging the Page Table (was: Purging the Buffer Cache)
--- Juri Haberland <>
> Al Peat wrote:
> >
> > Is there any way to completely purge the buffer
> > cache -- not just the write requests (ala 'sync'
> or
> > 'update'), but the whole thing? Can I just call
> > invalidate_buffers() or destroy_buffers()?
> What about the ioctl BLKFLSBUF ?
> If you are running a SuSE distrib there is already a
> tool called flushb
> that does what you want. If not, you can download
> the simple tool from

Another question: what if I need to purge the page
table of all files as well? Is there a clean way to
do that? I've been looking at /mm/memory.c, but it
doesn't look like clear_page_tables, etc. get

I need /all/ read requests to go to disk, and it'd
be nice if I could do that without a reboot (but I'll
take the reboot if that's the only way to go about it

Thanks again,

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