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Subject[2.2.18] VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed
Last night, one of your production machines got wedged, I caught a lot
of kernel: VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for ... for a whole range of
processes, among them ypbind, klogd, syslogd, xntpd, cron, nscd, X,
master (Postfix super daemon), pvmd3, K applications and so on, I was
unable to log in via ssh, someone on-site has finally reset that machine
this noon to bring it back online.

How can I get rid of those do_try_to_free_pages lockups? That box
exports root file systems for some SparcStation 2 that are used as X
terminals, so it's pretty important I keep that box running.

Should I try the most recent 2.2.19-pre?

The machine is a pentium-MMX with 64 MB RAM with a kernel 2.2.18 that
has these patches/updated drivers (none VM related AFAICS):

I²C 2.5.4
LM_Sensors 2.5.4
DC390 2.0e7
ReiserFS 3.5.28

Matthias Andree
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