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SubjectRe: iptables: "stateful inspection?"
> Alan Cox wrote:
> > It does SYN checking. If you are running 'serious' security you wouldnt be
> > allowing outgoing connections anyway. One windows christmascard.exe virus that
> > connects back to an irc server to take input and you are hosed.
> Thankfully, pine and mutt are, to date, immune to that kind of thing. :)

There have been at least five holes found in pile that _could_ have been
exploited, and even one in all xterms pre X11R6 where ascii+escape codes
was all you needed.
Mutt has had minor things fixed for security reasons too.

It's harder. But you ignore two things - once someone does it anyone can
repeat it - and more importantly almost all exploits rely on user error.
Linux users are not always brighter than windows ones and there isnt a lot
you can do to make them smarter

Think of computer security like powertools. The day you think you are totally
safe is the day you end up hurt.


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