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Subject2.4.0-test13-pre3 drivers/char/Makefile and CONFIG_DRM_MGA=m


When I use 'make menuconfig' on 2.4.0-test13-pre3 to select DRM and the
Matrox DRM driver as a module, I get a .config with CONFIG_DRM=y and
CONFIG_DRM_MGA=m. However, this causes drivers/char/Makefile to skip the
drm subdirectory when compiling modules: its only reference to CONFIG_DRM
is the line 'subdir-$(CONFIG_DRM) += drm' and 'make menuconfig' does not
allow me to select 'm' for CONFIG_DRM.

I don't know enough about the kernel Makefiles to figure out the proper
solution, but I was able to get the modules compiled by adding the line
'mod-subdirs += drm' to drivers/char/Makefile. This is not the proper
solution, I expect, as now 'make modules' will enter the driver/char/drm
subdirectory even if CONFIG_DRM=n.


--- drivers/char/Makefile~ Wed Dec 20 11:16:59 2000
+++ drivers/char/Makefile Wed Dec 20 11:21:54 2000
@@ -154,6 +154,7 @@

subdir-$(CONFIG_FTAPE) += ftape
subdir-$(CONFIG_DRM) += drm
+mod-subdirs += drm
subdir-$(CONFIG_PCMCIA) += pcmcia
subdir-$(CONFIG_AGP) += agp

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