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SubjectRe: tighter compression for x86 kernels

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From: "Frank v Waveren" <>
To: "Adrian Bunk" <>
Cc: "John Reiser" <>; <>
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 12:22 AM
Subject: Re: tighter compression for x86 kernels

> Seems GPL2 to me. I haven't read all of the rest of the page, but
> that'd either be dual licensing stuff, or further restrictions, which
> would be in contradiction with the GPL.
Seems to be kind of dual licensing:

"The stub which is imbedded in each UPX compressed program is part
of UPX and UCL, and contains code that is under our copyright. The
terms of the GNU General Public License still apply as compressing
a program is a special form of linking with our stub.

As a special exception we grant the free usage of UPX for all
executables, including commercial programs.
See below for details and restrictions."

It extends the scope of the license to _linking_ with commercial


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