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SubjectRe: Transmeta and Linux-2.4.0-test12-pre3
In article <90a065$5ai$>,
Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
>Anyway, I do have this machine working now, although not everything is
>to my liking. Unlike older picture-books, for example, this one has a
>WinModem. Ugh. And the sound chip is supported, but only by the ALSA
>driver (the OSS version is too broken to be used).

Oh - another detail: do _not_ get the latest ALSA driver: 0.5.9d is
apparently broken, while 0.5.8a works fine once you fix the MAP_NR()
issue (ie use "struct page *page = virt_to_page(addr)" instead of using
"int nr = MAP_NR(addr)", and do the arithmetic on "struct page" pointers
instead of ints.

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