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SubjectRe: multiprocessor kernel problem
In message <> you write:
> I have 2.4.0 test 10 and test 11 installed on a multiprocessor (Intel)
> machine. I have tried both test versions of the kernel. I configured
> the kernel for single
> and multi processor. When I boot single processor, iptables will run
> fine. When I boot the machine with the multiprocessor kernel and run
> iptables, the kernel dumps several pages of hex and the final two lines
> of output are:
> Killing interrupt handler
> scheduling in interrupt

My development box (running test10pre5) is SMP, and it works fine. I
haven't updated to the latest kernel version because I like my
filesystems in one piece, and the netfilter code hasn't changed.

What is your kernel configuration, and iptables version? Have you
patched the kernel?

Thanks for the report,
Hacking time.
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