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SubjectRe: Startup IPI (was: Re: test13-pre3)
On 18 Dec 00 at 21:59, wrote:
> Pardon me for not fully groking the issues here and possibly coming to a
> wrong conclusion, but this has to do with SMP systems crashing at APIC
> init time, just before penguin display (with fbcon at least)? If so, I
> have a board that does this with certain cache settings made in the BIOS.
> It's a 430HX chipset with two Pentium MMX 200s installed, *ancient* BIOS.

I'm using BIOS dated 19/07/2000, last week it was latest BIOS on Gigabyte
site for 6VXD7 (two PIII/800). I did not looked for updates today yet.

I tried to change C2P Concurrency & Master (en/dis), AGP Mode (1x/2x/4x),
Power mgmt - Display Activity (monitor/ignore), PNP OS (yes/no)
(24 combinations total), but any combination dies if there are read
accesses to videoram during startup. Today I finally digged out some
old ISA VGA (Realtek), plugged it in and - it dies too. So it does not
depend on bus type.
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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