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SubjectRE: [Acpi] 2.4.0-test13pre3 acpi circular dependency
I'm thinking arch/i386/kernel/acpi.c should just go away, yes?

Its purpose is probably better served by an ifdef, like you mentioned.

Regards -- Andy

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> From: Adam J. Richter []
> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 5:01 PM
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> Subject: [Acpi] 2.4.0-test13pre3 acpi circular dependency
> Although the stock linux-2.4.0-test13pre3 does not allow
> one to build the acpi interpreter as a loadable module, I had
> tweaked the Makefiles in previous kernels to do this (the supporting
> code is there and it seemed to work, at least for shutting off the
> power after a shutdown). Unfortunately, in 2.4.0-test13pre3, this
> is no harder to do, because there is a circular dependency:
> drivers/acpi/ references acpi_get_rsdp_ptr in arch/i386/kernel/acpi.c,
> and
> arch/i386/kernel/acpi.c references acp_find_root_pointer in
> drivers/acpi/.
> I would like to recommend that the contents of
> arch/i{386,a64}/kernel/acpi.c be merged back somewhere in
> drivers/acpi/,
> and just selected with Makefile options, ifdefs, or perhaps runtime
> options (if the ia64 code is potentionally useable to an i386 kernel
> that find itself running on an ia64 CPU, which will probably
> be the case
> with most Linux distributions initially installed on ia64 hardware).
> If need be, I would be willing to at least write a quick and
> dirty #ifdef-based version of this proposed change.

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