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SubjectRe: [Korbit-cvs] Re: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

> The cool thing is that the CorbaFS userspace server can implement any
> kind of filesystem you want, as long as it follows the CorbaFS
> interface! The current implementation exports the filesystem on the
> host machine that it is running on, similar to NFS. But we also have
> ideas for FTP or web filesystems, for example. Imagine being able to
> mount the web CorbaFS onto /mnt/www and do a
> cat /mnt/www/

can you do ls /mnt/www/ as well? I'm interested, I came
to conclusion that web filesystem is not possible... (If you can't do
listings, it is not really filesystem; you could do

cat /mnt/www/www.kernel.org_index.html as well, and that's easy to

> and the CorbaFS userspace server takes care of loading the webpage and
> returning it to the kernel client. And these new filesystems don't
> take up any extra space in the kernel, since they all talk to the same
> CorbaFS kernel module! Not to mention being able to implement the
> filesystem in any language you like, debug the implementation in
> userspace, etc.

codafs can do pretty much the same.
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