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SubjectRe: ServerWorks docs?

Two points:

> More important to me is ready access to technical documentation to support
> machines at work. I come from the era when PDP-11's were shipped with
> schematics, the OS, and the source to the OS. Things have been going

The only source for the OS that came 'for free' that I can recall for the
PDP-11 was RSX-11- but that was only the bare kernel. The filesystem and the
utilities's source wwas not available. At that time, as you can probably well
recall, the UNIX source licence from WECO was 40K$ for v7 at Sidereal.

> downhill ever since. I'm not catching the next plane to the Bay Area
> for "eyes only" examination of a document every time a problem arises.
> In this regard, companies like IBM Storage and Intel win my kudos,

Don't applaud either Intel or IBM too loudly. In particular, Intel. Just *try*
and get documentation about their frickin' gigabit ethernet chip out of them.


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