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SubjectRe: Test12 ll_rw_block error.

On Sat, Dec 16, 2000 at 07:08:02PM -0600, Russell Cattelan wrote:
> > There is a very clean way of doing this with address spaces. It's
> > something I would like to see done properly for 2.5: eliminate all
> > knowledge of buffer_heads from the VM layer. It would be pretty
> > simple to remove page->buffers completely and replace it with a
> > page->private pointer, owned by whatever address_space controlled the
> > page. Instead of trying to unmap and flush buffers on the page
> > directly, these operations would become address_space operations.
> Yes this is a lot of what page buf would like to do eventually.
> Have the VM system pressure page_buf for pages which would
> then be able to intelligently call the file system to free up cached pages.
> A big part of getting Delay Alloc to not completely consume all the
> system pages, is being told when it's time to start really allocating disk
> space and push pages out.

Delayed allocation is actually much easier, since it's entirely an
operation on logical page addresses, not physical ones --- by
definition you don't have any buffer_heads yet because you haven't
decided on the disk blocks. If you're just dealing with pages, not
blocks, then the address_space is the natural way of dealing with it

Only the full semantics of the flush callback have been missing to
date, and with 2.4.0-test12 even that is mostly solved, since
page_launder will give you the writeback() callbacks you need to flush
things to disk when you start getting memory pressure. You can even
treat the writepage() as an advisory call.

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