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SubjectRe: Adaptec AIC7XXX v 6.0.6 BETA Released

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 23:15:36 Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
> daptec SCSI HBA device driver for the Linux Operating System
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> Subject: Adaptec AIC7XXX v6.0.6 BETA Released
> -------
> After several months of testing and refinement, the Adaptec
> sponsored aic7xxx driver is now entering Beta testing. Although
> still missing domain validation and the last bits of cardbus
> support, there are no known issues with the driver. I would
> encourage all users of card supported by this driver to try the
> new code and submit feedback. Patches for late 2.2.X, 2.3.99
> and 2.4.0 are provided in the driver distribution. For those
> of you building the driver as a module, take note that the module
> name is now "aic7xxx_mod" rather than "aic7xxx".
> As always, the most recent distribution is available here:

I tried it against clean 2.2.18 and patches did not work.
Some drawbacks:
- the patch adds config info for AIX7XXX in the top level Makefile, instead
of in the Makefile in the scsi dir.
- The subdir for aic7xxx has not a Makefile, or at least it is not created
with the patches for 2.2.18.
- The structure of the driver (all files inside a subdir) has changed, so
you get the old files still there.

I am going to try to clean up the thigs to make the driver easily updated:
- First thing is to move all files in the actual 5.1.31 to INSIDE the dir
and change the scsi/Makefile to build it as a SUB_DIR.
- Change names of files: aic7xxx.o has to be built from many *.c, so you
should rename the aic7xxx.c to something like aic7xxx_main.c.
- Then you have the aic7xxx subdir and you can add a similar aic7xxx-6 subdir
and even add an exclusive option to build one or the other, the second

Couple o' questions:
- Is there any easy way to move/rename files with a diff, or just diff
from /dev/null or empty files .org and patch with -E ?
- Is there any keywork for files to do exclusion between
drivers or just if's ? Have to look for similar drivers. Any hint ?


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