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SubjectRe: ip_defrag is broken (was: Re: test12 lockups -- need feedback)
Ion Badulescu wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 07:15:04 -0500, Mohammad A. Haque <> wrote:
> > Were you connected to a network or receiving/sending anything?
> ip_defrag is broken -- there is an obvious NULL pointer dereference
> in it, introduced in test12. It doesn't hit normally, because of
> path MTU discovery, but using NFS causes instant death.

...and then I wrote:
> This is consistent with the lockup I reported several hours ago.
> In the case of my "unstable" 2.4.0-test12 machine where "startx"
> worked fine for "root" but not for a normal user, the "root"
> account is local. The normal user account home directories are
> NFS mounted :-(.

I tried the submitted patch for ip_fragment.c, and there's still
no joy on that one unstable machine in my sample set. At this
point, I should probably go back through all the pre-12 patches
and see if the problem scope can be narrowed a bit.

Bob Tracy
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