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SubjectRe: test12 oops with NF+ping -s 1500
Devik writes:
> I just tried to narrow problem with DFE530 card and found
> another (rather fatal) bug in 2.4.0-test12.
> I attached both my config and ksymoops output. It seems
> that ip_defrag is called with skb where skb->dev is NULL.
> It then crashes in ip_queue_frag.
> I can trigger it regulary by ping -s 1500 some_ip (to
> ping thru ethernet iff) on two computers.
> Please cc me in replies to


How about we kill these recursive oopsen by changing the
printk("Aiee, killing interrupt handler") to a panic? If we're
entering do_exit() from an interrupt, we will eventually enter
schedule(), again as an interrupt, which will BUG(), and then
we'll repeat ad-infinitum.

panic() is better since we break this fatal recursive oops loop,
and we also get the additional advantage that a machine with
"panic=60" set will recover.

Currently, you hit this recursive oops problem, and its game over
until reset (unless you have a hardware watchdog).
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