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SubjectRe: Non-Blocking socket (SOCK_STREAM send)
On Thu, Dec 14, 2000 at 03:26:53PM -0800, Adam Scislowicz wrote:
> We understand the meaning of EPIPE, the question is why 2.4.x is returning EPIPE,
> while 2.2.x is succeeding in sending
> the data to thttpd. Using the 2.2.x kernel our proxy functions, and I can access
> thttpd directly. In 2.4.x I can access thttpd

From your subject you seem not to.

To the best of my knowledge the receiver side EPIPE reporting has not changed,
so it must be something in the sender that causes it to close the connection
earlier. What you have to find out.

> I have already noticed that the 2.4.x kernel does not set errno = 0 in many places
> where the 2.2.x kernel did, so there are
> differences.

No system call ever sets errno = 0.

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