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SubjectRe: Fwd: [Fwd: [PATCH] cs89x0 is not only an ISA card]
Russell King wrote:
> Erik Mouw writes:
> > The Crystal CS89x0 ethernet chip is also used in quite some embedded
> > systems that don't have an ISA bus at all, so the CONFIG_ISA option in
> > drivers/net/ is inapropriate. Here is a patch against
> > 2.4.0-test12 to fix that. Please consider applying.
> I don't think this is the right way to fix the problem. Take for instance
> an EBSA285 platform which has only PCI sockets. It is possible to plug in
> a card with an ISA bridge on, with a ESS SB clone on board (I have one here).
> Maybe the right thing to do is to define CONFIG_ISA on these architectures/
> machine types where the device itself is actually an ISA device, instead of
> going through special-casing the driver configuration entries?

Agreed. We -don't- want to remove CONFIG_ISA or other dependencies.
The idea for drivers/net/ at least is that all architectures
can source the file, and be presented with a proper list of devices for
that platform.

For an embedded board that supports cs89x0, as you suggest, defining
CONFIG_ISA is a much better option. Or, making cs89x0 dependent on


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