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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit
> > 1. kORBit adds about 150k of code to the 2.4t10 kernel.
> > 2. kNFS adds about 100k of code to the 2.4t10 kernel.

> So can you implement a kNFS server in kORBit that takes
> less than 50kB of RAM? Otherwise it's still a contributor
> to bloat and this argument won't work ;)

Actually the kORBitNFS server would have to take -50K of code to break
even. :) The point was that kORBit lets you do a lot more... so
hopefully that 50k of generality gives you something. :)

> I guess it's time to stop the flaming and to see what can
> be achieved using kORBit. The people who favour kORBit should
> IMHO be left alone and given the opportunity to show what can
> be achieved with kORBit ... if they don't achieve anything,
> the nay-sayers can always claim their "victory"; if something
> useful comes out the kORBit people can claim usefulness.



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