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SubjectRe: linux 2.2.18 inconsistencies/problems (minor)
> A). Problem with the "%d" in usb-serial. Note: I don't have
> any devices connected to any USB port, but the controllers

Real bug - thanks. I'll squash that in 19pre1

> B). Need to update the devices.txt document in the Documentation
> sub-directory. I checked the maintainers site and it is the same
> one as delivered with this kernel version. However, it is out-of-date
> since there are quite a few devices missing, i.e. cpuid major #
> 203 and others. I've emailed the author of the document around
> October 2000, but haven't seen this document updated for the
> linux v2.2.x kernels. I assume the v2.4 devices.txt document is
> the same. If so, then the document would need to clarify what
> what devices are valid for each kernel (2.0, 2.2, 2.4)
> so that devices that don't exist in these older kernel versions
> aren't created.

I've been talking to HPA already about that

> C). Problem cat'g the proc pci bus files.
> cat /proc/bus/pci/00/00.0
> Get non-printable characters

Not a bug. That is the raw pci configuration data

> When the ACPI option is disabled, then hitting the
> power switch will turn the PC off without going into
> standby.

We dont support ACPI in 2.2 just 2.4test

> b). The BIOS option to power-on the PC via the LAN is disabled
> in the PC setup screens.

Probably your ethernet card doesnt support it.

Can you report the APM problem to the APM maintainer ?

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