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SubjectRe: [PATCH,preliminary] cleanup shm handling

> If you want to change the vma ops table you can replace the f_ops
> table with your own one. SYSV ipc uses this also to be able to catch
> unmaps.

I'd thought of that, but that means I need to concoct an f_ops table of my own
for every f_ops table I might have to override. All I want to do is provide a
single VMA ops table (or maybe two), possibly with only a few ops in.

Also, I can't actually go through do_mmap()... PE Image sections in files do
not have to be page aligned. If they are, I can call do_mmap() a number of
times (once per section), but mostly they're not (they have to be at least
512b aligned though - DOS floppy alignment, I suspect).

Plus if I change the f_ops table, then I affect normal Linuxy processes doing

> > I'm not sure how shared sections in PE Images are handled on all
> ...
> Oh, that's too much Windows for me ;-)


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