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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: SCSI SYM53C896 driver, kernel 2.2.17

I just got working an ASUS Dual Pentium Motherboard with a dual channel
SCSI controller managed
by this driver.

Additional information required:

a) kind of SCSI interfce used: SCSI-II, SCSI-III (LVD) ?
b) Make sure you do not have hardware troubles like having a 80MBs drive
on the same
channel as a 40 Mbs.
c) sym53c896 driver version ? When using SCSI-III LVD with 80MBs or
higher I recommend to use 1.6b

Wait for that information


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Message d'origine <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Le 12/13/00, à 1:41:08 PM h, "Vladimir Parkhomenko"
<> vous a écrit sur le sujet suivant PROBLEM:
SCSI SYM53C896 driver, kernel 2.2.17:

> Good day.

> Please help me.
> Or tell me about how and where can I get consultation for the problem.
> I have small problem with my SCSI driver SYM53C896 on Linux system -
> 2.2.17.
> When I copy huge file (about 1Gb, but < 1.5Gb) from one disk drive to
> is error occured. Perfomance SYM53C896 is very slowly (from 20Mb/s to
> 4Mb/s), but the connect is being. The system log message and '/proc'
> information is attache to this mail.

> sorry for my english.

> with best regards
> Vladimir Parkhomenko
> 13.12.y2
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