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Subject2.4.0-test12 randomly hangs up
after 1-3 hours with -test12 system hangs up with
- no response from mouse
- no response from keyboard (no sysrq, only sysrq+'b' works ...)
- no response from network (ICMP, TCP)
- nothing on console, nothing in logs (ie. nothing interesting or relevant
to crash).

System was not under load (1 user, X, no swapping ...)

( -test11 was up for 3 weeks with no problems and so do 2.2.17 ... )

slightly modified Red Hat 7.0:

Linux sarah.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2.4.0-test11 #4 Sat Dec 9 14:24:20 CET
2000 i586 unknown
Kernel modules 2.3.21
Gnu C 2.96
Gnu Make 3.79.1
Linux C Library > libc.2.2
Dynamic linker ldd (GNU libc) 2.2
Procps 2.0.7
Mount 2.10m
Net-tools 1.56
Console-tools 0.3.3
Sh-utils 2.0
Modules Loaded nls_iso8859-2 nls_cp852 vfat mad16 ad1848 sb_lib

(Abit PX5, P166 (ovrclckd to 166), 128MB RAM, 2x IDE HDD, 3com509b ISA, Opti931)

(with IPv6 + tunneling, iptables (ipv4/ipv6), no devfsd).

Have a nice day

P.S. I'm not subscribed, please Cc: me eventually ...

Martin Mačok
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