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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

> > I do have one sensible question. Given that corba is while flexible a
> > relatively expensive encoding system, wouldn't it be better to keep corba
> > out of kernel space and talk something which is a simple and cleaner encoding

> p9fs exists. I didn't see these patches since August, but probably I can poke
> Roman into porting it to the current tree. 9P is quite simple and unlike
> CORBA it had been designed for taking kernel stuff to userland. Besides,
> authors definitely understand UNIX...

One thing that you might want to mention Alexander: 9P is not a general
communications protocol. In fact, it doesn't work very well across the
internet at all. To get decent performance, the Plan9 group (which, is a
very cool group. :) has to specify a new protocol that competes with TCP
on the level of complexity (IL:

Also, 9P is a general communications framework only in the context of
Plan9 itself. In reality it only applys directly/well to filesystem
related issues... the reason it works well in Plan9 is that _everything_
is a file (part of the beauty of plan9).

With some elbow grease, 9P could probably be made to work in the kORBit
framework. It's not even that big of a deal: it just takes time. Believe
me when I say that IIOP is not a very good user->kernel communications
mechanism. :)


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