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SubjectRe: [Korbit-cvs] Re: ANNOUNCE: Linux Kernel ORB: kORBit

/me trims down CC list...

> Local? Funny. It lives atop of TCP or IL quite fine. What's
> even funnier, I can use it to export /proc from CPU server to workstation
> and use _that_ for remote debugging. Ditto for window system. Ditto for
> DNS. Ditto for plumber. No, not on Linux...

No not on linux. No definately not on Windows, no not on the BSD's
either. Oops, wasn't interoperability an important part of the Linux
kernel design? Didn't we want to use and follow and define _real_

> What you do is mapping your RPC to hierarchical namespace. After
> that... What extensibility do you need? You can use every utility written
> for core UNIX API (open()/read()/write()/close()) as a client. No need
> to reinvent the wheel...

Heh, that's interesting. _getting_ the data isn't hard in 9P, actually
using it or displaying it in a meaningful way commonly requires something
more than cat. :)

The overriding problem with a simplistic 9P port is that linux kernel
functionality is not very well modularized. In fact, this prevents
wonderful CORBA integration as well: An agressive filesystem (for
example) often likes to touch the buffer cache or even the VM layer
(*cough*) directly. Some don't use the prescribed interfaces, because
nothing enforces it. 9P works wonderfully for Plan9 because they had the
luxery of redefining/rewriting the whole OS, and the whole interaction
with user space processes. We, unfortunately, don't have that
possibility. :)

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to other ideas, and 9P may in
fact turn out to be a very nice protocol that would be able to support
much kORBit level functionality). I do maintain that by writing a custom
user->kernel marshalling library, you could obtain better peformance than
9P though, because you could take advantage of lots of machine specific
optimizations. Hell you could even pass things in register if you'd have
<= 4 args. :)


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