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SubjectRe: test12: innd bug came back?
In <> Anton Petrusevich <> writes:

>Today I saw well-known "innd bug"(truncate(tm)), and my brother said
>he had seen it with -test12-pre7. I don't know about -test12-pre3,
>neither I nor my brother hadn't noticed it since -test10. But we could
>miss it with -test12-pre3, and I didn't try any -test11 kernels. Thus
>possibly that was introduced changes between -test12-pre3 and
>-test12-pre7, but I can definitly say it present in -test12-final.

Just to add a "me too" on this. I didn't report when I saw it last week,
because I was uncertain of exactly what might have caused it - I was
booting several different kernels at the time, including one from a
rescue disk (I was trying to salvage bits of a Win9x disk at the time -
don't ask for details!)

Alas, I lost the test program someone wrote to test for the truncate
problem, and due to moving I will not be able to test anything until
next Monday. But if needed, I can do some testing then. Something
definitely went wrong with innd during the test12 pre-patches.
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