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SubjectRe: test12: innd bug came back?
In article <>,
Alexander Viro <> wrote:
>On 13 Dec 2000, Henrik [ISO-8859-1] Størner wrote:
>> Just to add a "me too" on this. I didn't report when I saw it last week,
>> because I was uncertain of exactly what might have caused it - I was
>> booting several different kernels at the time, including one from a
>> rescue disk (I was trying to salvage bits of a Win9x disk at the time -
>> don't ask for details!)
>> Alas, I lost the test program someone wrote to test for the truncate
>> problem, and due to moving I will not be able to test anything until
>> next Monday. But if needed, I can do some testing then. Something
>> definitely went wrong with innd during the test12 pre-patches.
>It may be a side effect of removing partial_clear() in test12-final.

No. If you read the code, partial_clear() has been a no-op for the
longest time (the "start & ~PAGE_MASK" thing could never trigger, as
"start" has been page-aligned for a long long while now.

So it must be something else.

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