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SubjectRe: test12 lockups -- need feedback
On Wednesday 13 December 2000 19:29, Mikael Djurfeldt wrote:

| > I downloaded the full test12 and have lockups after using X
| > (upstream version 4.0.1Z) 15-45 mins. For me, SysRq+u works, but
| > if I then press SysRq+b, nothing happens. There are no signs in
| > the syslog.
| I should add that I didn't have these lockups in test12-pre8.

just for statistical purposes, test12 has been running problem-free
here on a k6-2-550 (running at 500), glibc-2.2, built with
gcc-2.95-2, since about an hour after it was announced. no anomalies
at all, and the cd reader has become reliable again. in X the entire
time, and heavy system activity with a wide variety of applications.
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