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Subjectlinux ipv6 questions. bugs?
i'm using test12 with ipv6 enabled.  i'm seeing something strange, but i
can't tell if it's a linux or openbsd bug.

i have two boxes, one's running 2.4.0-test12 and the other's running
openbsd 2.8 (the same problem was seen with this machine using 2.7 too).
they are on a little ipv6 network, with a 125 bit prefix length.

i have two question, one short, one longer. i'll start with the short

0. whenever i ping6 the loopback interface (::1/128), all echo requests
seem to be dropped and i get no echo replies. is this correct? on the
openbsd box, i can ping6 ::1 just fine.

1. i can only ping6 the ipv6 address of the openbsd machine once i put
the openbsd box's ethernet interface into promisc mode (with tcpdump).
after that (and even once the openbsd box's eth is back in non-promisc
mode), i can ping6 the openbsd box fine. looking at a packet capture,
i see the neighbor solicitation packets from the linux box, but i
noticed something strange; in the ethernet header of the n.s. packets,
the destination mac address is set to the linux box's mac address and
the source mac address is set to 0:0:0:0:0:0. shouldn't this be the
other way around? this would explain why the openbsd box doesn't
respond to the linux box's n.s. until it starts looking at all the
packets in promisc mode, right?


Pete Toscano
GPG fingerprint: D8F5 A087 9A4C 56BB 8F78 B29C 1FF0 1BA7 9008 2736
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